What is Our Reshipment Policy for Countries with High Risk Profiles?

We maintain a strict no-reshipment policy for countries considered high risk. These countries include, but are not limited to, regions in Africa, APO/FPO destinations, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and New Zealand. If you are uncertain about your country's risk status, kindly get in touch with us by submitting a contact ticket form. These terms must be acknowledged during the checkout process to complete your order. Due to stringent customs regulations, please note that we do not offer shipping services to the Russian Federation, Belarus, and Ukraine. It is important to note that for citizens residing in EU countries and the UK, we can provide 100% delivery insurance for products shipped from our European and UK warehouses.

What Happens if My Order is Returned to the Shipping Country by the Carrier?

Regrettably, any packages that are returned are considered lost, as our warehouses are unable to retrieve returned shipments. Often, packages are returned due to factors such as an incorrect or incomplete address, or the package not being collected within the stipulated timeframe. In both scenarios, and cannot be held responsible. In case import documents are missing and the package is returned, we will require a copy of the notification to initiate a reshipment. We strongly recommend checking your tracking numbers regularly and ensuring the accuracy of your name and address when placing an order.

I Missed the Delivery of My Package (No One Was Available to Sign for It).

Typically, post offices retain packages for 4-5 business days before initiating a return to the sender. Please contact your local post office with your tracking number to arrange for re-delivery or prompt pickup of the package.

Can I Return a Package to the Sender?

No, packages cannot be returned to our warehouses. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out by creating a contact ticket form.

What is Our Refund Policy?

If your package has been lost (not delivered after 60 days from the dispatch date) or seized, you are eligible to request either a reshipment or a refund. Kindly contact the RS Team with all the necessary details (seizure letter, tracking number, order number), and our team will promptly address your situation. Please note that for security reasons, we do not offer cash refunds; refunds are only provided in the form of store credit.

What If My Order is Confiscated or Seized?

If your order has been detained or confiscated by foreign customs, please wait at least 4-5 weeks from the shipping date before reaching out to us regarding the non-arrival of your order. Contact our team in case of such circumstances.

My Package Is Lost, What Should I Do?

If you have not received your package after 31 days have passed since the dispatch date, and there is no recent tracking activity, please contact our RS Team to investigate the situation. In the event of a confirmed loss, we will initiate a reshipment.

Please contact us for more information.

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